High-Tech Stormwater Treatment in Action

See how the St. Anthony Regional Stormwater Treatment and Research System works in our new animated video.

Why You Should Always Pick Up After Your Pets

E. Coli bacteria is a potentially dangerous type of pollution in the Mississippi River. Its source might surprise you. Read our latest blog post.

How We Monitor Water Quality

Ride along with the MWMO's monitoring team and learn how we measure and track water quality in our urban watershed.

Plant of the Month: Milkweed

Our plant of the month is a perennial Minnesota favorite for people and pollinators alike.

What We Do

The MWMO is a public organization that partners to protect and improve water and habitat in ourĀ urban watershed. We invest in people and infrastructure to support clean water, and provide knowledge, scientific data and expertise to help manage our vital water resources.

About MWMO

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A dog owner picks up after her dog.
July 20, 2016

Why You Should Always Pick Up After Your Pets

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Overhead view of volunteers installing a raingarden.
June 30, 2016

Watch Volunteers Build a Raingarden in 79 Seconds

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A Monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed
June 29, 2016

Plant of the Month: Milkweed

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