Four New Mini Grant Projects Awarded Funding

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization has awarded funding to four new Mini Grant projects for 2017, supporting a variety of community efforts to protect clean water and habitat.

Mini Grants are a type of MWMO Stewardship Fund grant designed to support short-term or small projects that protect water resources. They are designed to be flexible, offering eligible groups funding for everything from raingardens to community cleanup events.

The MWMO seeks out new Mini Grant project applications  twice a  year — once in the fall and once in the spring. Grants can  fund up to $3,000 per project. Matching funds are not required, and grant-writing experience is not necessary.

For more information about any of the new projects listed below, or about the Mini Grants program itself, contact MWMO Stewardship and Community Outreach Specialist Tammy Schmitz.

Judson Memorial Baptist Church Raingardens (Minneapolis)

This Kingfield Neighborhood church will install raingardens and/or native plant gardens to capture and treat stormwater runoff from the building’s roof. The MWMO Mini Grant will help pay for construction costs as well as educational materials that will be used in a fall community event, classes for the church’s members and lessons for an on-site preschool.

Elliot Park Earth Fest (Minneapolis)

Elliot Park Neighborhood will host an environmental education event to reach its diverse downtown community. This event, the Elliot Park Earth Fest, will promote practices that protect clean water. Individuals and families will be encouraged to “adopt a block” for one year. Participants will receive cleaning supplies and be encouraged to pick up trash on their adopted block. In addition, they will be invited to environmental workshops and to join in other activities through the year that will  prevent stormwater pollution.

Trash Can Murals (Columbia Heights)

The City of Columbia Heights and local artist Rebecca Krueger will partner on a dual-purpose public art project. Trash can containers painted with murals will be installed to engage and educate bus riders and residents on preventing polluted stormwater runoff. A web address on the trash cans will guide visitors to information on how to  protect their local watershed. In addition, the project will enhance the landscape along the city’s bustling Central Avenue.

University Stormwater Education (Minneapolis)

In this project, University students will learn how their actions impact water quality in the Mississippi River and then educate others on campus about this topic. They will create informational materials for use during a series of public outreach projects this fall. Their exhibits will include materials they create, including an educational video and a tabletop display. In addition, they will create a tool that explains stormwater management systems the University installs on campus properties.

Seeking New Mini Grant Project Ideas

The MWMO is now accepting pre-applications for its next round of Mini Grants. Pre-applications for new projects are due by Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. Those who are interested should submit their project ideas using the pre-application form on the MWMO website.


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