Campus Renovation Update: Breaking Ground, Making Progress
Walker Art Center - Centerpoints - July 1, 2016

In addition to revitalized green space and the addition of 16 new sculptures, the renovation will also include sustainability improvements, as Kevin Reich of the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization noted. His group’s $1.5 million investment will ensure that 5 million gallons of water—which would otherwise flow untreated into the river—will be captured and reused each year, instead of going untreated into the river.

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Council Approves $900,000 in Water Quality Grants
Metropolitan Council News Release - June 23, 2016

The Metropolitan Council in June approved six grants to improve surface water quality in several communities across the metro area.

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Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony July 21 for New Stormwater Treatment and Research Facility
MWMO News Release - June, 23 2013

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held July 21 for a new stormwater treatment and research facility near the border of Minneapolis and St. Anthony Village.

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New Columbia Heights library to be unveiled
Sun Focus - June 17, 2016

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization helped fund all the onsite stormwater management.

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Park Board breaks ground on Sculpture Garden overhaul
Southwest Journal - May 12, 2016

The Park Board is funding the work through $8.5 million of state bonding funds and $1.5 million from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization for stormwater management work.

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Tracking water quality in the Mississippi Watershed, with MWMO’s Udai Singh
Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership - April 18, 2016

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) has for many years tracked local water quality data for the Mississippi and surrounding watershed in the Minneapolis area.

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This Week’s Four Must-See Art Shows
City Pages - Feb. 4, 2016

Aaron Dysart takes ice sculpturing to a whole new level with Watershed. Using data collected from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, Dysart has crafted a 3-D scale model replica of the river floor.

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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to grow with 16 works from Walker Art Center
Star Tribune - Jan. 26, 2016

Its grounds and pathways will be reconfigured, new trees and shrubs planted and water management systems upgraded (…) with funding from the state of Minnesota and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization.

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Study to review effects of retiring a stretch of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis
Star Tribune - Jan. 4, 2016

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, based on the northeast riverfront, the University of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, are cooperating in the work.

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