Fourth-Grade Stormwater Education

Environmental educator Jenny Schaust visits New Millenium Academy in Northeast Minneapolis on Nov. 20, 2015.

Students walked away from the lessons with a list of things they can do at home and in their neighborhoods to prevent storwmater pollution.

Students at New Millennium Academy used hand sprayers, painted trays and glitter to simulate stormater runoff carrying pollutants into water bodies.

Painted plastic paint trays served as simulated miniature watersheds.

Project Details

  • Mini Grant
MWMO Funding
Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission, West Metro Water Alliance
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This Stewardship Fund Mini Grant funded a series of “What is a Watershed?” lessons for fourth-graders at schools in North and Northeast Minneapolis. Environmental educator Jenny Schaust used fourth-grade science standards to teach students about the impact of pollution from stormwater runoff.

Schaust’s lessons combined hands-on activities with a PowerPoint presentation to help students understand how what happens on land affects our water bodies. They were particularly amazed at the landscape changes that had occurred in their neighborhoods over the last 50-100 years and how this could increase runoff and pollution. Each lesson concluded with a list of simple things the students could do to help protect water quality in their own neighborhoods.

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