St. Matthew Lutheran Church

St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Columbia Heights.

Before: gutters and downspouts sent rainwater directly into the streets.

After: decorative landscaping conceals a dry well that infiltrates runoff from the church's roof.

Workers install the dry well in the church's front yard.

A worker installs pipes that will transport runoff from the roof into the dry well.

Project Details

Columbia Heights
  • Mini Grant
MWMO Funding
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
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This mini-grant project installed a dry well to collect stormwater from the roof of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Columbia Heights. Previously, stormwater runoff from the roof had spilled directly out into the street; the new dry well infiltration system reduces flooding and allows the runoff to infiltrate into the ground, greatly reducing the amount that eventually reaches the Mississippi River.

A pipe runs from the roof underground to the dry well, a hole filled with drain rock and wrapped in a geotextile. The dry well captures and treats stormwater that runs off approximately 5,000 square feet of the roof. This system is designed to capture and treat a one-inch rain event (240 cubic feet of water).

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