Water Quality Monitoring

Our monitoring team staff conduct regular, year-round sampling of both river water itself as well as the local stormdrain systems that discharge into the river. The data we collect provides a scientific basis for identifying and tracking water quality issues over time. The MWMO’s monitoring efforts help inform public policy around water quality issues as well as prioritize the selection of projects to control pollution and improve water quality.

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Watershed Management Plan

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization is committed to protecting, managing and improving the water resources and habitat within our watershed boundaries. Our planning efforts are designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our work to reduce flooding, improve water quality and habitat. Our watershed management plan sets out goals, strategies and implementation actions based on past studies and current data on the watershed.

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Annual Activity and Financial Reports

Watershed management organizations are required by law to submit an activity report, financial report and financial audit each year. These documents serve as an annual records of our progress in meeting our mission, goals and objectives.

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